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want to drive a Mini Cooper convertible for one day for free?

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Hi, my name is Kevin from Fastlane Luxury Cars. I'm looking for someone that will drive this Mini Cooper convertible (the blue one in the pic) from Edinburgh to Dorchester on August 1st to deliver it to a client. can only cover expenses (flight, travel, fuel, insurance).... interested? please contact me [email protected]. thanks!
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Won't it be cheaper to get it transported to the client?
That's the problem... I need to deliver it to the south of the country and don't know how...
if you know someone... it can be a great trip!
Transportation companies

Back when I was a poor student, I used to be a 'plate driver' for a local Rover garage (those blokes you sometimes see at motorway services with red and white trade plates). Best job I ever had!
Good luck finding someone.
thanks, sounds like a dream job for a petrol head :) - unfortunately, I didn't find someone yet :-(
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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