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Wanted Countryman used engine

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Hi all,

wanted used countryman S 2012 engine

if anyone knows please refer to me

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They use the same engine as the hatchback, not sure if yours requires N14/N18 engine.

he N18 is same engine as in Peugeot gti's 2010 onwards, whats wrong with your old one, timing chain by any chance is so cheaper to stick new chain kit and valves in t than a engine, n18 engines are rare and even more rare to find ultra low mileages
I dont know much about engines but the work shop said better to change the engine rather then rebuilding it. He is saying that will cost much higher

is that true?
when it failed did it do so due to lack of oil, did it knock, or just stop,
you would from a garage be in realms of of £1000 uk pounds, plus cost of a engine link below £1750
if oit just a snapped timing chain then repairing it is better option as even when install another engine you really should fit new timing chain before fitting it as these engines have known weakness with chains.

if chain gone £300 chain kit head set £100, 8 valves £70, 20 hours to change it and repair it all, good luck trying to a engine for that car with ultra low mileage for under £1500 at best, breakers know they can get a good price for them,, i've repaired many like this with timing chain failure,, but if its a oil problem and engine run low very low oil so oil light came on then yep new engine only way forward,, as these engines by design use oil it helps with combustion process and lubrication and with the coated low friction tech
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Thank you mike. what i think here that the engine needs to change. however my question is: how far these engines works? i mean if i replaced it with another one, is that guaranteed? i will try this ppl. did anyone bought from them?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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