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wanted: snow tires with steelies around the GTA

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any recommendation?!
i'll probably go back to 16s from 17"s i have right now
i'll still running on my runflats
im a bit worried
any suggestiosn around GTA i should go for steel rims and tires?
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Steel isn't suggested, they tend to rub. Get some cheap ($100 or less) 15" alloys and tires. Many of us have gotten stuff from Wheel & Tire Zone in Mississauga (I got used 16" MINI X-lites with runflat winter Dunlops rather than 15"). 2nd Time Around tires is also supposed to be good but I haven't used them.

Good luck,
im from North york
so yeah :(
tai10 said:
im from North york
so yeah :(
2nd time around real nice.. i believe their website is

ask for o'neil and say gord reifle sends you.. they will give you the somc discount
thanks herman

u think i can get my tires right away tml when i get there?
its starting to snow :(
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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