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warming the car

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do u start your car 5 mins before you drive it?
just to warm the engine?
is this a lot better?
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You should never "warm your engine" in the driveway. An Old Wives Tale (apologies to old wives).

Just drive away gently. Remain gentle until operating temperature is reached.
I totally agree with erazo. Modern cars are not supposed to be wamred up. I think it does more damage somehow, something to do with the catalytic converter I think.
The MINI Cooper owner's manual specifically states that you should NOT idle it for long before taking off. It basically says, as the poster above has told us, to drive away gently until it warms up. I generally try to stay well below 4000RPM until the temperature reaches normal, which doesn't take long at all this spring. With synthetic oil, the viscosity isn't as much of an issue as it is with nonsynthetic oil.

In winter in cars with nonsynthetic oil, the low temperatures gives the oil a poor viscosity so a SHORT warmup may be recommended but this warmup period is on the order of 20-30 seconds, certainly not 5 minutes. Usually by the time you've put the car in gear, looked out the rear of your vehicle to make sure you are not going to run over any children or crash into other cars driving down the street, your car is most likely warmed up.

MINI's don't get headaches.......

So, turn her key; and get moving without delay.

Stroke her gently until she's warm; then thrust away.

She will then, howl with delight!

(Any sexual inferences are the product of your filthy mind!)
Warming up your car is bad because at low engine speeds the oil is not circulating through the engine properly, ie. sits at the bottom of the crank case. So I'm told anyway.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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