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Warning lights not lighting up on central control panel - Is this normal?

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My first time posting here.

I've not long had a R56 Mini.

I've come to notice that the warning lights in the central control panel, next to the petrol gauge, never light up.

I've never seen them lit, is this right, or is there something wrong with it.

The speedo, petrol gauge and the clock radio all light up fine, it's just the warning lights.

Can someone tell me what theirs is like.

Thank you :)
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On mine they come on briefly when I start the engine, then go out immediately.
Is that all the warning lights?

Any idea why mine isn't?
On mine (R56) there are 7 lights inc engine management light , DSC light, oil warning, temp warning, not sure if they all come on as they go off very quickly.
Hopefully it's just a fuse that's gone , there is a fuse box on the passenger side.
there is a fuse box on the passenger side.
In the passenger footwell.
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This is the only light that comes on when I start the car.

Is this normal?
Can't seem to upload the photo.

Only the airbag light comes on when I start the car.
No the others should come on briefly and go out when the engine is started. did you buy from a dealer ? Any warranty with it ?
I bought it private. No warranty.

I don't know what could be causing them to not light up.
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