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With no offense intended for those who may be considering the purchase of a Scion TC, would you rather own a more perfect but bland car, or an exciting but less perfect car such as the MINI?
I picked up my Cooper May 1st, and while it's more of a weekend car right now (I drive an Employer supplied car) I do expect it to be my daily driver soon, including in our less than hospitable winters.
I also expect to own the MINI for well over a decade, as my recent track record of ownership has included 11 years with a Jetta, 9 years with an Accord, and currently on 8 years with an 850 Volvo. (hey I'm not that old, some of those years overlapped!)
The only niggle with my Cooper to date is a rustling noise from the clock/headliner area, and some minor loss of coolant from the expansion tank, had to top up twice.
Nothing earth shattering, certainly not enough to warrant a trip to the dealer who is 160 miles away.
I expect nothing less than a reliable ride from my MINI for many years to come, the solidity is impressive for a car with a large hatch area, and the car is quiet at speed.
For a long term ownership experience the extra cost of the MINI over a TC becomes less of a deciding factor. Good luck with your decision. :)
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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