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I have a MCS on order for delivery in Feb. or March of '05, and I have the same concerns you do. They have been increased of late with the reading of some threads about brake failure. I think these are isolated incidences and as yet, I haven't found out a definitive answer or result to the incidences. Nonetheless, brake failure is completely unacceptable. Rattles, misalignments, a leaking seal...well although unwanted, at least they can be handled fairly easily without a possible loss of life.

I am still moving forward knowing that as time goes by the quality of the product is getting better. Also, the product is more interesting and better equiped than the TC and the performance better. A good friend just got a TC and I have to admit it is great. He added the strut brace, TRD exhaust, fog lamps and CAI. It's up to about 172 hp and is a totally solid vehicle, but no LSD, no leather, doesn't handle as well, isn't as raw....

If you have the time...think about it a bit! I have read in the various forums that in buying a Mini, its driving experience, mystic, personality, etc., you have to just put-up with the fact that they are not "Toyota" reliable. I understand this, but for around $30,000 well equiped and with tax & license, it's pretty expensive proposition.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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