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Well, hmmmm

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Hello folks, I've been looking at the '05 MINI Cooper as one that I may want to purchase but am a little hesitant. Could I give you all a brief discription of my driving habits and let you, as owners and drivers of the car, give me some unbiased advise on whether the MINI would be right for me? (yeah Steve, come to a MINI owners forum for unbiased advise...right! :D )
The main reason I am hesitant is because I am looking to buy a car for a daily driver and not a weekend fun car, and the closest MINI dealer is over 100 miles away so reliability is of the essence. I am also a person who keeps my car until well after it is paid off, so I don't purchase very often and don't have the money to start doing so. I travel around 60 miles per work day from the country to the city and back, average around 100-150 miles during weekends and also like to travel occaisionally with my wife to the vast far reaches of South Carolina and as far as Florida, USA. I do have two teenage stepsons, but we already have a midsize sedan for travel that may include them or for extraordinarily long trips.
I've looked at pretty much every car in this price bracket and I must say that the Scion Tc is the most attractive to me in terms of the common sense's much less expensive, proven motor, more horses, more standard equip. The thing is, though, I keep coming back to the's got some sort of mystical power that keeps trying to pull me in!
I guess the reason I am here is to see if y'all could reassure me that the MINI would be there for me for years to come If I decided to get one. The several thousand dollar diffence between the scion and mini is looking pretty good in favor of the scion...convince me that it's worth it to go all out and get a MINI!

Thanks for listening to me rant!!
Steve Boland
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I have a holding deposit on a VW Concept C, which I am told is expected summer 2006.

But the thought of giving up my MINI made me so depressed, that I have now ordered a MINI Cooper convertible for summer 2005 for the interim. In fact I changed my order at BMW/MINI from a BMW 120d SE a faster,larger and basically more practical car to the MCC because I couldn't bear to give up owning a MINI.

I also did this on the basis that I would probably not lose much money (the MCC should hold 90% of it's list price after a year due to demand and availability) if I did change from the MCC to the VW and I would have had a summer of MCC ownership. Your Scion reminded me of the VW with what appears to be an all glass roof as well as being a practical 4/5 seater saloon (is that sedan?) with a reasonable sized boot (trunck?).

But why don't you rent a MINI for a while I truley believe it is a unique car that will possibly change how you feel about car ownership. A friend of mine who is a VW fanatic has just rented a MCS for the weekend and said it was the most exciting car he has ever been in or driven, a true successor to the Mk 1 Golf GTI which he owned originally and again quite recently. His only reason for not buying one is that he wants a 225hp Audi TT.

Yes my MINI has had his fair share of trips to BMW, Boot Latch, Seat Levers, Power Steering Motor, Gear Lever Gaiter and Bonnet Heat Sheild to mention a few. I also don't do your mileage, currently I do about 8000 a year. But when he was first registered he did do a round trip from London to Nice (South France 2200 miles) and coped fantastically, Air conditioned cruises at 85MPH with the sun blazing down, driver passenger and two large suitcases in the back with the seats down. I believe the build quality is constantly being improved from what I'm told by other owneres and what I read on MINI2, in fact there are some very high milage virtually fault free MINIs around if you do a search.

Currently my biggest problem is chosing my final spec,

Silver/Blue with Blue leather or Silver/Black with Black/Red leather or
Red/Black with Red/Black leather or Orange/Black with Black Leather or
Orange/Blue with Blue leather or BRG/Black with Beige/Black leather.....

With bonnet stripes or without them... with driving lights or without them... Could I afford Satnav if I went half leather?

Come on go drive a MINI and then think about it what other car could do this to you?
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