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Well the cooper's gone, long live the cooper S

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Unfortunately a few weeks back, a bus decided to take our cooper off the road and wrote it off. After a few weeks of fighting we got a good payout and decided as the cooper s was fetching similar values to well spec'd coopers, we might as well upgrade. I was impressed with the drive, perhaps not as quick as i expected but much better than the cooper which always looked the part but was painfully slow:redface:

Anyway, we got a 2005 facelift with 26k miles as opposed to the 38k on the cooper. Its better spec'd and all in all we ended up with £50 left over.

The spec

Dark grey
panoramic roof
sat nav
bullet alloys
chrome interior
full leather
mp3 changer
air con

I've posted some pics, not clean yet as its all been a bit of a rush but its in great condition:D

Hope you all like

Oh yea, love the supercharger whine:biggrin:
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Very nice indeed! :D:cool::cool:

They look cool in metallic grey, shame they blend in with the road so well though.


Cheers mate,
Change the wheels and you've got my car but in RHD.
very nice, it was a toss up between that gray or the astro black, i chose the black, them wheels are hthe best
thanks for the comments guys. All went as planned and we picked it up Wednesday. We are both very pleased with it. I found out yesterday it also has a LSD which is rather cool. Anyway looks great and is superb to drive. I did find it tiring on the journey home. I think it's a combination of firm seats and ride. The engine is great, love the noise and I'm finding it quicker than I initially thought it was. I think it does a very good job of making you think you are going faster than you really are! Compared to the cooper it basically fixes everything that was wrong although it's more challenging. I'm finding the gearbox and clutch heavier?!

Only thing that gives me concern is a slight notchyness to the steering at standstill although it's fine once above 5mph so not going to worry too much unless it starts causing grief.

I'll feed back some more once I've had more of a play
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Very nice - virtually the same as mine :)

Had it a week and marvellous fun. I like the free reving engine/charger sound, flat-on-rails handling, fantastic seats, and all the toys. Mind, this is compared to a mk2 Golf! I have been driving my Mum's One for a while, so I sort of knew what to expect.

On the not-so-sure front, I do find the clutch/gear change a handful, especially first-second, but I think that's me, and the ride on Sheffield's roads (UK's worst) is pretty unsettling. Not too bad at all on the motorway, and 30+ mpg - better than I was expecting.

I'll post some pics when I've thought of some more things to say and got past the 5 post mark ;-)
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