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Hi everyone!

If you’ve seen my other posts here, you’ll know I bought a very troubled 2010 Mini Cooper Clubman in Nov 2018.

In addition to intermittent-stalling issues at idle, which mechanics are still trying to diagnose, and on top of a trunk that pops open by itself (while I’m driving!), I now have a rather noisy problem taking hold:

When braking, my car now “groans” —almost sounds like a cow mooing, honestly :/ —until I stop. If I take my foot off the brake the noise will stop, so I’m pretty sure it’s brake-related, though I noticed the noise last night while I was driving in low gears, too.

I recorded a video of the noise — you can hear it around 14 secs in and again at 1:20ish. Hoping this link works.

Both times I’m braking. My iphone was in a phone holder in the center cup holder so it didn’t pick up the sound as loud as it actually was! Please imagine it 10x louder when listening.

My mechanic said this could be a brake booster issue but this is just from the video, they haven’t seen it yet. They’ve estimated around $900 if that’s what it turns out to be.

Does anyone have any ideas? And do you think I should stop driving until it’s figured out?

Thanks, everyone! I’m feeling very cursed but appreciate all your help here. Thank you!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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