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What car wash shampoo?

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what do people use to wash your mini?

a 'wash and wax' shampoo or a bog standard shampoo?

I heard somewhere its best to just use standard stuff with no wax?
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Right for car shampoo, go for the Maquires Gold Class = it is a goldi coloured liquid!!!

For wax at the moment I use the Auto Glym - Resin polish (Red Label) and the Extra Gloss and protection (Gold Label) - these are very good combinations and will get that just bought look even with mine after a year old..!!!

But I am going to try the new Maquires All In one Wax, Polish & Protection - This comes in a sparly purple box, and is said to be realy good.

To make sure you have done a good job of waxing & polishing your car, put a 100% cotton cloth at top of bonet and gently tape it, if it falls to the floor its a good job, and if not re-do it.

Have I gone on here, is it becasue I'm getting old ummm, time will tell, anyways hope this helps.


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Yep I have vravings for jell bears after cleaning my car. Just used the NXT today, and its brought my car up to a nice shine. Its only just noticable (the improvement) compared to the AutoGlym, nothing realy between them. but hey if it protects my baby then all the better ey!?
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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