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Davislove3rd said:
FYI............I've recently tried Autoglym body wash conditionener and it was excellant................ beads the water straight away!

YES! this is the stuff. i really dislike megulars stuff, i think it's cheap crap dressed up as dear crap. any of their products i've used have been very underwhelming. it's just off the shelf stuff, not really very specialised.

the autoglym stuff doesn't really lather but it cleans well, lasts well and forms a really good base for a wax. i like, for just 'normal' washing, to use the autoglym and the zymol wax you get in halfords.

as a polish, i like Autoglym Super resin, which i use maybe once every two or three months. for real shine, use the real zymol stuff- it's too dear to use all the time- just special occasions.

i suggest a quick look at (think that's the right address, maybe it's without the 'the')
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