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What car wash shampoo?

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what do people use to wash your mini?

a 'wash and wax' shampoo or a bog standard shampoo?

I heard somewhere its best to just use standard stuff with no wax?
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Definately the Megs NXT!! Only problem is the distinct craving for a bag of Dolly Mixtures afterwards!! :p
I wish I could've washed mine today, but it's tipping it down, so she's all snug in the garage, if a little manky!! :eek:

The polish is great, I cover the car in a oner then polish it all off, although you do get very sore arms by the end of it!!

Megs tyre shine is excellent too, and is by far their best smelling product (how girlie :p ) and the Quick Detailer is a life saver if you're at a car show!! :D :D
smurfn said:
I find the wash is just so silky smooth
Do you think I could use this on my skin?? Might try some in the bath tonight?? :p :D (then I'll smell of sweeties!! :D :D )
smurfn said:
At least you will smell good :D
You sayin' I smell bad?? :p
In other words, it does strip the wax off!! ;) :D Hydrophilic, sheesh, I ain't heard that word since my fluid mechanics exam!! :eek: :rolleyes:
I think I might have to get the Megs on the go tomorrow!! :eek:

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Cooper76 said:
Yeah, you dirty boy you! Hahaha... :p
Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! :mad: I'm an ickle girlie I'll have you know!! :rolleyes: :p
1 - 8 of 51 Posts
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