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What car wash shampoo?

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what do people use to wash your mini?

a 'wash and wax' shampoo or a bog standard shampoo?

I heard somewhere its best to just use standard stuff with no wax?
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I think I might have to get the Megs on the go tomorrow!! :eek:

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Wow - cool paint job julz - is that the fancy new colour scheme minime keeps babbling on about? ;) :p
Yeah, you dirty boy you! Hahaha... :p
Cooper76 said:
Yeah, you dirty boy you! Hahaha... :p
Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! :mad: I'm an ickle girlie I'll have you know!! :rolleyes: :p
Julz said:
Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! :mad: I'm an ickle girlie I'll have you know!! :rolleyes: :p
Well then, I didn't want to have to say it, dirty girlie you!!! :p
:eek: HO! Man...

WTF is that? Bad person! Shame on you... :p

I used the Maguire gold, but now i use Einszett Raindance!

It doesn´t smell very good but the results are :eek: really a huge difference.
I just got my Mini and only washed it once so far. I used Meguirs Gold Class. I really liked it. Came out really shiny!

Maybe I'll try the Einszett Raindance next.
Davislove3rd said:
FYI............I've recently tried Autoglym body wash conditionener and it was excellant................ beads the water straight away!
I would completely agree with this, I am however thinking about Maguires shampoo thanks to this thread.
OK, I've ordered the Meguiars soft wash gel
Got it for £3.98 with free postage :D
Will let you know what I think of it, hope it gets here before the weekend!
Tried megs soft wash gel - good and smells great, Gold Class leave a better gloss as does NXT (tried them all :eek: ) but currently using Sonax Gloss Shampoo (available from Vauxhall dealers) an excellent product and cheap at £3.76 for 500ml :)
41 - 51 of 51 Posts
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