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what do u guys think of the aero kit on convertible

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i orderd my mini on september last year and i just talk to my advisor and i got 3 for months to go i cant wait :) . i want to put jcw wheels and aero kit & brake kit what do u guys think
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I originally planned on dark silver but later decided to spice things up and order chili red for my S Cabrio.

I like the aero kit, but I'll probably just do the aero side skirts.
LagunaSol said:
I originally planned on dark silver but later decided to spice things up and order chili red for my S Cabrio.

I like the aero kit, but I'll probably just do the aero doorsills.
Great choice of color, but then I am biased!!!!!
I don't think the S cabrio really needs the full areo pack, just the side skirts would look good :cool: :D

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aero kit on convertible...

Wow, where do you live that you ordered in Sept and still have 3 months to go? I ordered Jan 8th and am to get her in mid March... in Virginia...

I love and ordered the aero kit. I REALLY like the front of the car with the black grill areas, it looks like and entirely different car to me. I also liked the side skirts so just did the whole thing. But I appreciate the fact that at least to my eye it's isn't so radical to look like a 'tuner'. But to each his taste, I'm sure there are plenty who would consider the full aero 'riced'.

Ordered Chili Red Cooper S Cabrio, 16 inch V spokes, full aero, Limited Slip, etc. Here's the preview pic from the online configurator...


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I am mad at myself that I never considered the aero kit when I ordered the car. Not saying I would have definitely gotten it, but I should have considered it, along with teh Xenons! Oh well you live and learn.

And yeah, that is a pretty long wait! I ordered my MCSC and had it 6 weeks later.
Correct my assumption if I'm wrong, but is there any advantage to ordering the aero kit when originally ordering the car? Pricing is the same as if you do it after the fact, no? I figured if that were the case, I'd do aero side skirts later and have the original side skirts to keep too for the same money. Perhaps I'm confused...

Does the aero kit come painted and installed from the factory, or is that a dealer accessory?
You should be able to buy any of the pieces individually. Unpainted or painted as I understand.
If you order the full aero pack you get the both bumpers and side skirts.
Even if you order them on a new car they are not factory fitted, but fitted when you car arrives at the dealer before you pick it up.

You can order each part separately if you want and just have either of the bumpers or the side skirts fitted.
my dealer is EAST BAY MINI in Dublin CA and in sept they told me 6 months, now the wait is 1 year for the hard top and 9 months for the convertible
For that kind of a wait, you should consider calling around the country and finding one either on a lot to purchase or a dealer that could get one faster. Take a weekend off and drive it home. You could even have it shipped if you wanted. I would just be thinking out loud but a year is a long time.

I am 1 hr North of Philly and was going to place an order earlier this month. It turned out that the dealer (Otto's Mini) had one on the lot almost exactly like my spec and I purchased it.

Freight companies move cars all the time and I have read a number of posts about people using the purchase as an excuse to take a motor.

Let your fingers do the walking and get motoring.
BEP + Aero Kit

Went into my dealership today in the UK and ordered the full aerodynamic package for my new mini cabrio which scheduled for 01/04/05:

- Mini Cooper Convertible
- Aerodynamic Package
- Black-Eye Purple + Black Hood
- Black Viper Stripes
- CHILI Pack
- Harman Kardon - Hi-Fi

I thought it was only availible as part of the works package, thankfully thats not the case as I would never get insured on the works version! Looking forward to seeing what the end results going to look like as I really wanted to go for something alittle different!

Attached a few pics from the US mini website configurer!


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Here's some more pic's for you that I did on the official MINI configurator programme. Nice choice!

(It just does not feature the extra USA regulations side lights on the arches)


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Thanks alot Pepper your the best :0) hope you dont mind I've put them on as I'm totally in love now!

Great thread changed my life cannot wait now! So looking forward to the summer now!
It's a pleasure - and do with them as you wish, they're yours :)
I love it

Dont you dare let some fool make fun of anyone with enough money to have a car like this and those who do. (Actually I could care if it came from 'Peter's Pipers' or Rumpledstiltskin'). I dont have the money for a super MINI. I love the cars! I wouldnt expend the money for what I am at the time if I had it. Of course I know this Im not rich.
Send to all MINI drivers these thiings, Tease us and make us like you. Cause I already do. Yes have the cars for everyone to enjoy.I love the passion and fire of a new car. A MINI cooper at the worlds eye balls. Poorer and Richer. We're like the new enlightened of a fools newcar.
I have all the pics you gave so far on the post here. I collect them. Thank you for the MINI fun for those of us who appreciate the MINI and the nuts who love him/her. Asthetic object who can or can not accept us? 'Pinnochio'.
Our problem, of course, we love MINI and will continure to do so. Our problem absolutely not. We are MINI and drive them, love them and I will do so.
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I love the aero-kit but then I am biased (see gallery) and it does make it stand out from the other convertibles (although there seems to be a shortage of Hot Orange ones so mine seems to be unique - at least on MINI2 anyway!)
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