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What is the first Mod that most of you go with?

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It may be a stuipid question, but i will ask it anyway. Apart from the stripes and the headlights, what would the next mod to do, which most of you would consider a necessary to have it?
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An air intake, like a K+N 57i or something... makes the cooper sound awesome. The engine has more growl to it. ;)
First mod to my S was a K+N Typhoon intake ;)
Interior chrome and lots of it!
Chrome Shark fin style repeaters :D

Then go for a Exhaust!
Either an air intake kit or an exhaust system

What's an Air intake?. How does it work and why is it so awsome?
Air Intake

The air intake is the component of the engine that "sucks" air through a filter into the combustion chambers for the engine. The stock air intake is somewhat limited. I have a Moss Mini intake which is similar to the K&N intake. It allows more and colder air into the throttle body which results in increased burning of the fuel, thus better combustion. Most air intakes for the standard Cooper will increase horsepower in the 4-5 range. But more importantly they give the engine a great growl especially once you get the revs up over 4000! Makes it sound like you are driving a real (small) race car!

Most can be had for about 150-200 US dollars. Not bad for the returns.

I started with small stuff - clear sidemarkers, Whalen Shift knob, euro shelf & aux input... not really "mods", but I think they're all necessary additions. I have a Milltek on order now :D
salim said:
What's an Air intake?. How does it work and why is it so awsome?
Does give more pep to the performance, but as has been said it is the sound that is so important. It completely changes the way you feel about the car! You perceive it as a sports car and just want to put your foot down all the time. The noise sounds like a movie soundtrack of a car chase movie and is brilliant it suits the cooper totally.

The k
K &N Typhoon induction kit was the best mod I have done to my Cooper so far.
beefier rear swaybar, especially if you didn't go for the "sports suspension plus".
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