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Just chopped my 2007 Mini Cooper R56 1.6 for a 2009 1.4 Mini One. Just want to know what spec interior i have as it's more up market to my Mini Cooper R56 2007 (see picture below). My last Mini didn't have buttons on steering wheel, buttons by cup holders which I presume is stop start and half leather sport seats.


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Not able to help you on spec, but why did you switch from 1.6 to 1.4 litre ?

And how would you say they compare.
I’ve been driving a 1.4 since a year now, find it’s decent.
Does the 1.6 really have a lot more poke ?

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My 1.6 was a shed basically lol. The engine was worn and tampered with/had common faults. My 1.4 had warranty, so i had an engine rebuild on it to sort stems seals/smoky exhaust issues.The 1.6 i had had less poke - but it was fucked! lol

I prefer the Mini Ones. 1.4 is decent for my commute to work. I have classic minis and track cars, so a nice chilled daily is cool for me lol.... Plus my Mini One now has been well looked after from previous owner - it's in excellent condition.

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If you search "bmw mini vin decoder" and use it, it should show you what your car had from factory.
Cheers for the link.

Comfort And Interior Equipment
Storage Compartment Package​
Interior Surface, Fluid Silver​
Sports Seat​
Colour Line Dark Grey​
Height Adjustment, Passenger Seat​
Floor Mats Velours​
Extended Decorative Scopes​
Interior Mirror With Automatic-Dip​
UpholsteryCloth/leather "Ray"/carbon-black (FKE1)
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