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my mini should be hitting the dealer mid-December and i was wondering what i should be looking for when i pick it up? specifically. i have never ordered a new car before and got screwed by saturn for paint chips on the hood that they refused to fix. what should i look for cosmetically, electronically, structurally, etc. so i don't get screwed if i find something wrong after taking ownership?

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this is what i have made up so far.( but dont forget it is for convertiable!)

1. Underneath bonnet check that reservoirs are filled for headlamp wash and rear and windscreen wash you should be able to see the water. Check oil and coolant levels as well has brake fluid. Finally check fabric underneath bonnet is nice and clean.

2. Check paint work is free from any dirt marks, hairline scratches or any type of scratches, any paint drips caused from factory and most important of all check places that are not in view like underneath your doors (use a torch if necessary) around edges of boot and bonnet.

3. Check wheel spats(plastic around wheel arches) and sills are free from any wax or scratch marks.Also check underneath bumpers too.

4. Check alloys are free from any marks and scratches.

5. Check all lights are in working order has well has heated seats, folding wing mirrors, lights underneath both passenger and drivers side doors should be lit when you open doors as well has interior lights.

6. Make sure the dealer shows you how to fit wind deflector and put it away if you have one.

7. Check alarm works with doors locked and roof down. If you wave your hand around near dash board alarm should off.....but wait at least 3 minutes before waving your hand around (apparently your hand should set a sensor off).

8. Check remote hood with your key(if you put key in door and turn your hood should go up)

9. Check all glass lowers when you put hood down and also when roof up and windows closed check that the glass sits flush in seals and there are no gaps between top of glass and hood if there is a gap this could cause water to enter in car. LASTLY check all glass is free from any cracks or marks.

10. Check all rubber seals around door housings are not loose and are in place.

11. Check boot shuts flush. check at least 4 or 5 times if it doesn't shut properly then the boot needs realigning.

12. Ask the dealer to operate hood at least 3 times and check for any wear marks at this stage and then wait 20 minutes and ask dealer to operate hood a couple more times at least at this stage you might see if any marks start to occur on hood.

13. check that there are two holes on rubber on boot edge(the rubber that surrounds boot edge) these 2 holes are small drill holes for water to drain away). Make sure rubber is covering fabric in boot and not pinching.

14. Check dealer has FULLY valeted your car this will mean checking underneath all mats for any dirt marks, door pockets, plastics, and even underneath sills just run your finger under all 4 sides. Check for any polished marks not wiped away.

15. Check that you interior dash and door pockets are not scratched (colour coded and non colour coded plastics)

16. Check all seats work and move and no foam showing through.

17. Check headlamps and rearlights are free from any scrathes or marks.

18. Check all seat belts work.

19. And last of all check your glove compartment door locks and unlocks.

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20. Check that the sunroof works well.

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In addition to the other checks:

Check that the bonnet and boot align correctly on both sides.

Make sure the plastic grill's are clipped in securely.

Check that there is no overspray anywhere on the car.

Check that the tires are correctly inflated.

Check that the dash is centered and the gaps on each side are the same.

Check that all of the dealer-programmable options are programmed.

Check that the rear seat is clipped down securely. Unclip it by pulling it up and clip it down again.

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