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Paul Mullett said:
Paul, I wonder whether anyone has read the FAQ section on ASC-T lately...

From the FAQ:

ASC-T ... [snip] ...uses the ABS sensors to detect any wheel slippage. When the system does so it automatically cuts power to the spinning wheel until it grips again.

Now where has that description been taken from. :confused: Perhaps from the new Ferrari F430's e-Diff. :p

Well certainly not from our "open-diff" equipped MINIs -- us, we've got The Poor Man's Traction Control: when wheel spin is detected, the ENGINE IS CUT OFF COMPLETELY FOR 2 SECONDS :mad:

On MINIs w/200+ bhp this happens all the time and is so annoying that for the sake of sanity I've decided to spend 1800 EUR for a Quaife LSD for my '03 JCWS. Now that I've got a good mechanical traction control, I can switch off ASC-T and can live happily thereafter... ;)


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