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I've posted something similar as a reply but would like to get a wider view. I've spent the last few weeks getting quotes and researching the best options for a JCW. The deals pretty much always work out (after some pushing) @ 10.7% APR (they start at 12.5% ish).

I'd be interested in knowing if there's any further push available on this figure?

The way to work the APR out (as an excel formula) is as follows:

=RATE(term in months, monthly payments as a negative, amount to financial as a positive, final payment as a negative)*12


3 year term
317 per month
£19,189 (i.e. JCW with Chilli, ,etc minus £4,250 part-ex)
£13,133 final payment

would be

10.88% APR



PS. This doesn't really work you intend to terminate before the end of the agreement as the flat rate PCP deals work differently.

PSS. Another way of getting a rough figure is to dual the flat rate quoted to you.
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