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Hi guys,

I just wanted to share a recent experience I had with you, in the hopes that it will help out others.

I recently got new tires fitted to my Cooper S, the fitters completely wrecked the wheels - wore through the white paintwork all the way around the edges and had also clearly caught one of them on something - a thumb-sized chip missing from one of the spokes.

They offered to pay to get the wheels repaired. I ended up taking it to a place called Smart Wheels, hadn't heard of them before but they were on my route home from the tire fitters and came up on Google so I stopped by.

They were really friendly, offered me a really good price, and also offered to paint the brake callipers for me - since the wheels would be off anyway. They're just outside Manchester city centre (about a five minute walk, less than a minute drive from Northern Quarter). They're really friendly and didn't seem at all bothered that I just dropped by unannounced - they even seemed keen just to show me around the place and show me what they do!

I took it back to them at 9am the next day and it was ready mid-afternoon. They removed, stripped, powder-coated and repainted the wheels/callipers in less than a day and honestly - they're literally like brand new again now. I'm well pleased :D

Pictures below, but wanted to share with you in case anyone else in the area is looking for similar wheel repairs/refurbishment. I believe they also do actual wheel repairs (welding) too although I didn't see anything like that going on at the time..

Their website is: Alloy Wheel Refurbishment | Alloy Wheel Repair | Manchester, phone is 0161 883 0886


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