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My lovely 02 mini cooper i bought off a garage for £400 was the bargain of the century for the first month,,,,,then the whining noise began, then one day, crunch no gears and the sounds of twisted metal :)


After dismissing advice to scrap it I want to fix it....

Has anyone here replace a 02 gearbox before and do you think its worth me taking a gamble on a used gearbox off ebay for the like of £150-200? A new clutch is only £60 so thats no problem, a reconditioned gearbox is comin up at about £600 so its not worth it to me.....

what should i do i need advice? Ive about £600 to spend in total, can i get it done for that? I think mine is a midland gearbox and there pants, will any year cooper gearbox go into mine?

Thnx so much if you have read this and please help me :)
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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