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Hi All,

Anyone know where I can pick up a white shark fin aerial for a R50? I've had a look on Mini Mania UK, My Beautiful Mini and a couple of other mini part sites and cant seem to find a white one.

Do you think that it would better to just buy a standard black and do a DIY paint job on it ? Perhaps a chrome shark fin to go with the white roof ?

I assume the reception is pretty good or would it be worth travelling down the stubby aerial route. However, I have heard mixed reviews about these with the quality of the reception.

I dont listen to the radio much. However, wouldnt want to invest in something just for the look of it. ;)



How about installing these. I assume is just unscrewing the existing aerial popping of the cover and feeding the wires into the shark fin and then sticking the shark fin to the roof (as you can tell im a novice)

All hints and tips are welcome !


B15HOP !
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