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Why does it always rain vindictive b******ds on me

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Saturday night - parked Cooper as usual in road near my house because all the damn students had taken all the spaces outside chez moi.......

Sunday morning - got up to go to work - some piece of lowlife rubbish had keyed my beautiful car...

What the hell is the world coming to, it's not a damn Porsche or anything, took me bloody ages to save the cash and is probably worth less than the little swine's father's Ford Escort with all its go faster stripes, stupid bass speakers and spoliers........

Rant over, ....any detectives log in here who have access to people who can 'sort out' vandals for a small fee?

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I know exactly what you feel like. We got a new Pug 306 about 5 years ago and within days some toe-rag had badly scratched it with a key.

My mum and dad live on a council estate up in Leeds. There was a lass on the estate who had saved for years to get one of those tiny Fiats. It was her pride and joy, but soon enough some scumbags had totally trashed the car, just out of spite.
I really hope they catch the plonkers who damaged your car. Personaly I would cut their hands off, but I suppose they would get a warning.


My Renault Clio 1.2 got keyed when I first got it :(. *beep* jealous pezzy *beep*. Cost me £100 to get it sorted!
These people are just mindless morons...
I have often worried about that for when my MINI when it arrives.

I am going to have to make alternative arrangments than I do currently because there is no way my car is going near a uni car park!..or uni for that matter!...more a cctv'd mulit-storey.
Back in 1988, I saved and scrimped, and finally had enough saved to get a new MkII Golf GTi 8 valve - within 3 months, one Saturday night, someone had keyed it up both sides, up the C pillars, across the roof, and all over the bonnet, as well as kicking off the drivers door mirror.

I really feel for anyone this has happened to, that was my dream car, which I fantasised about for years, and some thug killed my dream.....I never felt the same about it after, the respray wasnt the best,and I always could see, in my minds eye, the scars....

Id hang them from a lamppost....
after these stories i think I'll lower my insurance deductible when I get my Mini.
I'm really sorry to hear about your car :( For a couple of years I had an Escort 1.8 Si (Metallic Paint as yours is), which was brand new when I got it. I also worked b***dy hard to pay for it (as I do with my MINI). It went through a stage where my car would get keyscratched on the drive (at my parents house), I would pay to get it fixed, then it would get keyscratched again, this happened about 3 times. In the end I gave up getting it fixed and lived with a scratched car :(. All because of some stupid ******* who couldn't contain their jealousy or whatever their reason was. Get a JOB, you too can have a car like this!!!! The car was never the same, various shades of metallic paint etc. and I lost a lot of money on it. I hate to say it, but the people who did this actually affected me buying the MINI, I would NEVER buy metallic again.... (apart from a Dark Silver Cooper S ;))

Hope you get it fixed to your satisfaction and remember, what goes around comes around ;)
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Having being a recent victim of car related crime myself, I am nearly as wound up when I hear about others' experiences as I was when it happened me.

Who knows what drives people to needless acts such as keying of cars. I had a Golf as company car a year or so ago and arrived out one morning to find its (as well as about 5 more cars parked) wing mirror kicked off and hanging by a wire (on the kerb-side of the car). If I had had to pay for that (one of those heated electronic jobbies), it would have cost about three hundred quid. Thank Jesus it was a company car.

Personally, I'd put them in stocks in a public place with the crimes hanging round their necks so that any passers-by can draw a kick at their stupid mugs on the way to the shops. Then some tarring and feathering I think.....followed by a final public flogging. And I think of myself as a liberal!!
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My previous Cooper had it's door scratched in broad daylight in a very public car park. Nasty deep and long mark which cost me £200 to put right, not worth losing no claims etc on insurance. I hope the little s*d that did it is rotting in their own filth infested body fluids somwhere very dark and unpleasant.
Still, the way I look at it, is I have soemthing they are jealous of.....strange way to show jealousy I guess, but I can annoy the hell outta people by parking a car !
I say we hunt the B******'s down!

Mini goes after Jealous...... ;)
Sorry to hear your troubles.

This has me thinking. I have never before owned a car that I will be nervous about parking in a lot. I have thought about getting a car cover. Would this help to deter some of this senseless destruction or would it attract additional attention?
Jamie, sorry to hear that :( It's nothing that can't be fixed. Those kids will surely get what they deserved! :mad:

kc, I think that by putting a cover, it will attract much more attention as a curious bypasser may take a peek thinking it's some sort of exotic car. Who knows what some brainless person will do seeing that you take special care of the car by covering it up so well! :eek: This is a difficult matter to face but I guess the best way is to park the car at a place where you can conveniently check up on it frequently from time to time. If parking near your home, maybe get to know your neighbors so they can keep an eye out for you.

kcmini said:
Sorry to hear your troubles.

This has me thinking. I have never before owned a car that I will be nervous about parking in a lot. I have thought about getting a car cover. Would this help to deter some of this senseless destruction or would it attract additional attention?
In reply to groovy_jr, as a recent graduate from uni who is also working very hard to afford a new cooper please don't class us all as key scratching gits. The area I lived at uni probably had the lowest car crime in the area as all the cars were owned by students - I have seen more vandalism where I live now.
And again

I know this won't make things any better, but I thought I'd join in with the 'string-em-up' conversation. We got our new MINI on Saturday - it's Wednesday morning and some b*****d has kicked the passenger wing mirror off.
Which reminds me - does anyone know if re-attaching it is an easy job? Nothing appears to be broken (the electric mirrors work fine), so I'm loathed to pay a MINI garage to stick it back on...
What does my head in are the mindless idiots that open doors fully onto the car parked next to them, leaving some nice dents in the bodywork :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
It is a fact of life some people just have no respect for other peoples property including cars. As much as I think it is a worrying thing leaving your car at the end of the day there is nothing you can do about it (unless you catch them ;) ) My theory is if your worrying about your car being damaged all the time your not going to enjoy it to the full. I to have been victim of carless car owners (actually sitting in my car when a woman opened her door into my car:mad: ) but if you worry yourself to death about it you might as well get a banger (suprising how bangers don't attract any dents scratches etc;) )

It f*****g annoys me and everyone with a nice car they look after, but there will always be idiots whether careless car owners or vandals that will never be able to afford a car like yours.

Unfourtunatly we MINI owners (well me included in about a week!!!) haven't got the most inconspicuos car on the road so storys like this will continue in the future.

My advice is like me just be as careful as possible where you park (when on sainsburys car park I either take a nice corner space so at least only one side can get damaged or take up two spaces as far away from the entance as poss where no body can be bothered to walk from.

Even taking these precautions some p***k will always park next to you regardless of vast empty spaces else where:mad:
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Mini gets keyed!

Mini goes after Revenge!

Mini strings Vandal on Lamp Post!

Mini gets arrested!

Mini sent to Prison!

Mini2 Club together!

Mini2 Chant "Free the Mini One!"

Mini One released!

The End!

Its a Mini Adventure!
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Now that's what I call a reply

Thank you all very much for your support and angry replies about the tossers that hurt my beloved car - especially to Damo for the comedy advert above, which - if I may add to.....

Mini goes to prison

Mini gets guards to leave cell door open of car vandal

Mini tells prison mafia car vandal is child abuser

Mini laughs as car vandal wanders into shower

Mini turns other way as large man adopts vandal as his 'pet'

Mini becomes head honcho of prison hard men

Mini turns slightly camp when older and arranges heist in Italy.......

Now do you know how it ends?????????????
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