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Over the weekend, I found myself driving on Route 105 in northern Vermont. Way northern Vermont. Within a couple of miles of the border with Canada. What a strange road. For miles, there was nothing. No driveways, no farms, no businesses. Nothing. Seemed like a great place to drive fast, but then I realized that I was within a couple of miles of the US / Canada border... any law enforcement I saw up there would likely be federal. Definitely no town police, probably not many county sheriffs, that just leaves state police and border patrol, more likely border patrol. Not something I wished to toy with.

So, what other stretches of road make you go "this is wierd"?

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Isn't that a great road. I took that while up at the British Invasion this year. I have a brother who lives up there and he took my wife and I on a private guided tour of some very nice back roads. Rt 105 was one of them.

I let him drive, it took hours to get the grin off his face. As he got more comfortable with the car he started to explore the limits, within what is reasonably safe for public roads. We had a great time.

Last year we took Rt 100, this year we took Rt 12 and Rt 106 to the south end of VT. on the way back to the Shire. :D

pezboy, how about Old Kings Hwy thru Wellfleet and Truro, MA?
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