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2010 R56 Hypersport Aero.
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On 7/15/2020 I purchased my wife a Bright Blue 2010 R56 that caught my eye while I was sitting at a red light. They had it hiding in the back of the car lot. No rips or tears, new A/C, new filter housing, new tires and 1 ding on the whole car I can cover with a dime. I thought "not a bad little car for $3400".
Its currently at 177K miles and hasn't needed more than a valve cover and I replaced the Clogged Cat with a CNT downpipe. Now as I've come to the front bumper being destroyed in the top mounting corners, I've also learned the front bumper is apparently as rare as a lawyer who doesn't lie (HyperSpeed kit?). After all of this I decided to go ahead and purchase a Carfax for shits and giggles.

In the process I've learned it was...

1) 05/25/2010-> purchased out of Union City, Georgia. with 417miles on it. Then I'm guessing after a Trade in @27K miles it was brought to Miami FL.

owner#2) 02/13/2015-> bought it from a Lexus dealer and it traveled to Hollywood FL. Then Kissimee Fl where it was traded in @ 35K miles.

owner #3) 05/13/2016->Now at some point, it made it to California where it went through REPO #1 out of Sacramento with 43K miles.

Owner #4) This is where it gets interesting. Purchased 10/22/2016 and owned it for 3.5 years. But it was REPO'D AGAIN (03/16/2020), out of Wilmington Ohio.. But this time at 174K miles. WHAT DID HE DO WITH IT FOR 3YRS?? Holy Mileage!!! It went from about 50K to 175K in such a small time, Im convinced SOME major work had to be done to it. Now I'm honestly just trying to see if anybody reckognizes this beast, or maybe even have SOME knowledge of its maintenance history. Carfax doesn't show much in that catagory with it other than ownership.

Now @ 177K miles I'm pretty sure the head has been off of it by now, and the Turbo has been replaced. One of the camshafts look shiny new, and so do BOTH the Vac pump and Fuel pump. But Id love some Timing chain info. I bought it while it was in the Famous Mini "Limp Mode" as it had a faulty Cat on it. now it rips, doesnt tick or knock, No smoke even after a 30minute idle session. It runs WAY too good to have this type of mileage. I'm probably asking for the luckiest needle in a haystack ever, but If anybody might have any info in its history, please feel free to post away.

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