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Will It Fit!?

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Hey There.

I pick up my '05 Mini Cooper S in about a week hopefully, can't wait. Question for all of you that already have Mini though... How much room exactly is there when the rear seats are folded down... The reason I ask is that it's finally snowboarding season and I wondering if it's possible to get a snowboard (or 2) in the back with the seats down or if I'm going to HAVE to spend the money on a roof rack...?

Is there anyway to get a snowboard in the back with the seats down? Or is it just way too small? :confused:

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you should get a roof rack.
i think you might be able to do something sneaky and prop it over the passenger's head.
but for the most part, spend the extra cash. you'll appreciate it later.
Snowboards come in different lengths, although not as big a discrepency as ski lenghts. My snowboard and my daughter's board fit nicely in back.....haven't gone yey this season but am planning on friday......but, forecast is for temp around 50, so might wait for a cloder less slushy day
just went down and measured...tip to tip is 59 inches

Thanks for the heads up... I have a feeling mine's just not going to fit... it's about 64 inches long.

The good news is I got the phone call today... I pick up the Mini Friday :D

So one way or another I find out tomorrow and I'll let you know.

Thanks guys!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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