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Williams strike again, this time the Stockport branch.

I don't even know where to start with this bunch of shysters, other than saying they're the most incompetent, ignorant, unethical and morally devoid company I've ever dealt with, and that includes Virgin Atlantic who lost us a full day of our honeymoon with no compensation.

They sold me a "cherished" 2011 petrol Cooper with 13k on the clock, all seemed well and the car had been physically well looked after, however the engine was making a clacking sound when it was cold. I know these engines can sound a bit diesely so I ignored it for a month until it started to get a bit worrying, I then decided to take it in for them to have a look at....

The long and short of it was that my three year old "cherished" car with 13k on the clock needed a new engine due to a piston/bore fault. Cue them removing the whole front of my new (to me) car, fitting a new engine, damaging the front wheel arch plastics, chewing up the hose on the air box intake and most importantly not securing the bottom radiator hose in the process.

The next day I was driving to work when the unsecured bottom hose popped off, dumping the contents of the radiator onto the road. Due to faulty instrumentation (temperature warning lights came on then went off again) caused by the problem itself I drove it with no coolant for about two miles, it sounded a bit odd just before pulling into the car park then the smell confirmed my fears. It got me to work where I opened the bonnet and immediately spotted the problem.

I called Mini Assist who were excellent, Paul managed to refit the hose and pressure test the engine, all seemed well but I'm not convinced it wouldn't have goosed the cylinder head long term, it certainly seemed to be a bit down on power....he also noticed a large plastic assembly hadn’t been put back correctly and was unsecured. Further evidence of the incompetent and rushed nature of the "repairs".

A few days later I noticed steam coming from under the bonnet when I pulled up at a set of lights, it could have been some water on the radiator but it was still pretty terrifying given past events. The straw that broke the camel's back was an erratic idle which began a few days later, it felt like it was about to cut out and the rev counter needle was bouncing around like something you see on a 1950s steam train.

Enough was enough so I contacted the brand "manager" (I use that word in the loosest possible sense, **** up in a brewery springs to mind) Anthony Wilson at Williams Stockport to give me a final buy back figure, I simply couldn't trust the car any more. Given the fact his service team hadn't noticed the car needed a new engine prior to sale, and the fact they'd completely stuffed the job up making it worse than it was before, I thought he'd have the decency to offer me a fair walk away price. Instead he had the bare face cheek and effrontery to offer me £200 LESS than I could get from We Buy Any Car, he was basically treating me like a bloke walking in off the street.

At no point has he had the common courtesy to apologise (without prompting) or offer his thoughts on any of this debacle. He did invite me in to waste my time chatting, which was generous of him :rolleyes: As we were conversing via e-mail I'm 100% confident the general idea of that was a none committal verbal pacification of me on his turf, on his terms, with no record of what was said, well excuse me but **** you!

Mini UK were just as crap when I contacted them, their response to all of the above, "your contract is with the dealer", which is interesting as Mini Assist and my warranty are both directly with them as far as I know. Only interested when it suits them it seems.

My requests to have a rattle from the underside looked at were also repeatedly ignored to add insult to injury.

You have been warned, caveat emptor.
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