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Hi all,

I recently purchased myself a Cooper D 1.6 2013 Hatch, and wow what a great car it is to drive.

I have a couple of issues though and would love if someone could shed some light.

The first issue is that the drivers side window is playing up. When I open the passenger door, the window goes down a little bit, and goes back up once closed. The drivers side does not move when the door is opened/closed. The passengers side will go all the way down with a quick tap, the drivers side window will only go down or up an inch or two for every tap, regardless if you hold it down. I have to spam the button and it will go down/up inch by inch... very frustrating.

The other thing is I can't get my radio to work properly. The on/off feature seems like it doesn't even work, I can't switch from AM to FM on the tuner, and if I click the "Menu" button where it comes up with "TEL, CONFIG, MINI" I then get stuck on that screen and can't get back to choose the audio input (No, MODE doesn't do anything :( ) Not sure if a number of the buttons are possibly broken or what... but it's driving me mad! I also can't get my mini to show mpg or range left... not sure if it's meant to do it through the radio or the revolution meter but if someone could tell me how to get these it would be great!!

It is a MINI TD Cooper D 1.6 Hatch 2013 (R56)

Thanks in advance & I'm glad to be one of the team!
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