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windows, fog lights, turn signals stopped working after battery reinstall

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After replacing a dead battery, while installing the cables I had a few sparks fly because the positive terminal was not fully seated. The car started ok, but the service engine light and on and the windows, turn signals and fog lights are not working. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, but to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions? Yes, I have looked at all the fuses and have not found any blown fuses in either fuse bank.

I would like to try to reset the ecu by disconnecting the battery cables and connecting them together for 5 minutes then reconnect to the battery. Has anyone heard of doing this on a mini?

Any suggestions on diagnosing the problem would be appreciated.

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Try disconnecting the battery overnight; that will let all the computer memories drain down.
While it is off, clean all the battery terminals & earth connections - Clean, Bright & Tight.
Close the doors & make sure everything is turned off, including any added accessories.
When you reconnect the battery, do it once, firmly - no sparks - & tighten the terminals before you do anything else.
I wonder if you have a faulty FRM module (https://www.northamericanmotoring.c...well-module-functions-problems-solutions.html)

I know when I use Carly to try and program my FRM to change the number of flashes on my indicators Carly tells me that my FRM may have faulty firmware (from the factory) and may not survive a reboot after programming. (i.e. it will fail on reboot)

I wonder if your (replacement of) dead battery caused a reboot of the FRM?
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