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Windows to roof rattle / vibration

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Our Cooper Conv has a very annoying window rattle / vibration. This only happens when the roof is up and both windows are up. If I put down the drivers window a small amount or the small Qtr window it stops.

Anybody else got this ? Any suggestions ?
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Drop it straight back to BMW - it should be pretty quick and easy for them to adjust. Just sounds like the window needs adjusting slightly so it's a tighter fit against the roof.
sblyth said:
Our Cooper Conv has a very annoying window rattle / vibration. This only happens when the roof is up and both windows are up. If I put down the drivers window a small amount or the small Qtr window it stops.

Anybody else got this ? Any suggestions ?
I have this problem with my new convertible. Did Mini sort it out for you?
I also have this problem-when I press in the plastic strip of the rear window it goes. Would be nice if just simple window malalignment?

I got this issue too but only on the driver side.
The manual mentions that you must bring up the rear windows fiorst and then the front windows - if you don't it may cause a misalignment and a rattle like you describe could be a symptom of that.
Try brining down both windows then bringing them up back then front.
I have this problem too but it doesn't happen striaght after having the roof off - it seems nothing in particular causes it. If it was the windows then it would happen straight after having the roof off I would have thought.

Mine has got worse over time so I think I will take it to BMW at the weekend.

Any news on how it gets fixed would be interesting.
I've had this problem, too. It's a creaking/ticking sound that comes from the top of the passenger rear quarter window. And yes, if I just barely "crack" the window open ever so slightly the sound goes away. But up all the way it creaks and ticks during my entire drive. I've had my convertible in service six different times for a total of 28 days (And I've only owned it for 3 months.) They've tried replacing seals, adjusting the window regulator and ordered & applied a special graphite lubricant from Germany. Nothing has worked so far. They called me today to have me bring it in on January 18th to have the window and regulator both replaced hoping it will resolve that terrible sound. We'll see if that fixes it...
Okay! So far, so good. I picked up my MCSC from the dealership 4 days ago. The factory agreed to do another repair under warranty to try and resolve my creaking/ticking problem. They authorized the replacement of the quarter-window and the window regulator. I have not heard that annoying sound since! I'm so happy. I only hope it stays away.

FYI: The manufacturer and dealership were basically giving up and declaring this annoying sound "normal" for a convertible. I've owned and rented many convertibles -- This was not normal for ANY car. I was persistant (polite, but persistant.) I recommend emailing MINI USA if you have a problem -- and emailing them again if they try to blow you off. It seems to have paid off. Our dealership is Motor City MINI of Shelby Township, Michigan.

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My Solution

If anyone still has this problem, they guys over at Mini of Peabody fixed it for me first time.

I went brought in my service ticket from the car and this is the info printed on it:

Verified Customer Concern. Determined problem to be caused by the driver side rear window to be vibrating against the front window and convertable top gaskets. Gleaned Gaskets and applied special BMW gummi-phledge rubber treatment to correct problem.

Yes, its called gummi-phledge. :)

-- Ian
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Well, for me, on the second or third visit they cleaned gaskets and applied the special BMW gummi-pflege rubber treatment to try and correct my problem. Unfortunately, this attempt only worked for a few days then the creaking/ticking sound came back -- Sounding worse than when I brought it in to begin with. However, I did end up getting the problem resolved after a few more visits and lots of phone calls and e-mails to the dealerships General Manager and MINI USA. About two weeks ago I picked up my car again. This time they replaced the rear-quarter window and the window lift (some call it the window regulator.) Like I said, it's been about two weeks since I picked up my car and there has been no creaking/ticking sound at all whatsoever! So, if any of you don't get positive long-term results from the lubrication / rubber treatment attempt you should continue to be persistant and you'll get results.
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ipoulin said:
Yes, its called gummi-phledge. :)

-- Ian
Hi, Ian. It might be "Gummi-pflege," which translates literally to "rubber care." Thanks for the tip.
Taking my for second time!!

hello, well its going back in, on the same thing as before , maybe i will metion the "GUMMI" stuff or maybe they will replace the widow reg.?
I don't know, but i do need a new window, and they went up 100.00 over here in america, and anti freeze went from 17.00 to 20.00 a bottle!! :eek: :eek: :eek: I am finally taking my car back TJ! Good to hear your is fixed. :D
thanks alpinamike
I had my creaking windows cleaned and greased but it came back after 2 days. Should be getting new windows as they both have the crescent scratches on them when I FINALLY get my new roof on 5th of April. See my other threads in "Roof wear (still)". Thought I would resurrect this one as the creaking is VERY annoying and wondered if only fix is to replace windows and/or lifters.
i've got that same annoying sound too, it drives me nuts"

its been in twice, 1st time they adjusted the front door alignment, 2nd time the door window and applied that "gummi" stuff.

Sure enough the ticking sound came back in a couple of days, booking it back in!
Mines going in on the 1st to Sytners in Leicester to get the rattle sorted out. I did point the rattle out before I brought the car, but I have come to the conclusion with dealers technicians they hearing goes at the same point they lose their sight for reading service bulletins :confused:
I also use Sytner Leicester

I have given up trying to get them to fix my rattling car for now, they also claim there is no roof update. I have yet to tell them about my scratched rear windows.

See my thread "ipod connector broke my car" for the quality of their work.
Well I brought the car from them, so I suppose, I should give them one chance.

As for the roof mod, the sales people told me that they would get it sorted, but when I picked the car up,the service dept knew nothing about it.

Does anyone out there have the reference that I can quote at them?????
I've had mine to the dealer twice for that same problem. I've tried to ignore it or turn up the stereo, but the noise seems to penetrate even the loudest heavy metal music.

Dealer tightened some loose screws the first time, but only fixed a different rattle that I didn't even hear. The second time they tightened some more loose screws (do the factory workers not have screwdrivers?), and applied the rubber treatment. Not fixed, not even one little bit.

It's going back a third time; this time I will mention the window and regulator replacement. In the meantime, I may just spray some WD-40 around the seals so it doesn't continue to drive me nuts.

The dealer has been apologetic about not being able to fix it, so I'm not complaining about them. Hey, it's rare to be treated nicely in this part of the world.
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I cured this on my car by squirting a small amount of Halfords window rubber lubricant into the seal around the window pane of the rear quarter windows. Now they are silent and it had been bugging me since day one (18 months).
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