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I've had mine to the dealer twice for that same problem. I've tried to ignore it or turn up the stereo, but the noise seems to penetrate even the loudest heavy metal music.

Dealer tightened some loose screws the first time, but only fixed a different rattle that I didn't even hear. The second time they tightened some more loose screws (do the factory workers not have screwdrivers?), and applied the rubber treatment. Not fixed, not even one little bit.

It's going back a third time; this time I will mention the window and regulator replacement. In the meantime, I may just spray some WD-40 around the seals so it doesn't continue to drive me nuts.

The dealer has been apologetic about not being able to fix it, so I'm not complaining about them. Hey, it's rare to be treated nicely in this part of the world.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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