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Windows to roof rattle / vibration

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Our Cooper Conv has a very annoying window rattle / vibration. This only happens when the roof is up and both windows are up. If I put down the drivers window a small amount or the small Qtr window it stops.

Anybody else got this ? Any suggestions ?
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i had the above and the dealer fitted new rear windows and regulators, i lost the noise for a while then after i put the roof down it came back as for the drivers window the rattle appears most when you drop the glass a couple of inches, i need to book mine in again but i don't mind because there is a girl in the service dept. and she is stunning:D just don't tell the trouble and strife;)
well the mini went to the dealers and he had a look, he adjusted something to stop the noise but now i have a 2mm gap at the top of the window so now i cant wash it or i will have a wet bvm :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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