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Windows to roof rattle / vibration

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Our Cooper Conv has a very annoying window rattle / vibration. This only happens when the roof is up and both windows are up. If I put down the drivers window a small amount or the small Qtr window it stops.

Anybody else got this ? Any suggestions ?
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I cured this on my car by squirting a small amount of Halfords window rubber lubricant into the seal around the window pane of the rear quarter windows. Now they are silent and it had been bugging me since day one (18 months).
Is this still working ok? I know it's a while since you posted, but we seem to have the same problem on a new convertible only picked up three weeks back. If it's easier, I might just try to fix myself rather than waiting for the BMW Gummi-stuff to be applied...

Apart from that, an excellent drive!:biggrin:
i had the above and the dealer fitted new rear windows and regulators, i lost the noise for a while then after i put the roof down it came back as for the drivers window the rattle appears most when you drop the glass a couple of inches, i need to book mine in again but i don't mind because there is a girl in the service dept. and she is stunning:D just don't tell the trouble and strife;)
Nothing stunning (apart from the cars of course) in our dealer. My rattle is, or I should at the moment say was, only when the windows and roof were all closed - so not only did I have to get upset because it would be raining (else the roof would be down), but also because there was this annoying ticking noise. They seem to have lubricated it away for now, and I have even dared put the roof down and back up to see if it stays away and it has so far (36 hours!) so fingers (and everything else) crossed that it will last. :smile:
Sorry to hear about your gap! Although presumably you'll still enjoying the view (at the dealers) ;-)
hi - i have this problem as well and it is doing my head in!! :angry:

reluctant to take it to mini as my warrenty ran out last week (sods law)

did your solution work long term? :puzzled:

I have the same problem, despite it going in three times to be fixed - to be fair, it was fixed the first time and lasted for about six weeks, but on a dry day (which is why the sealant lubricant would seem an appropriate fix), it is really annoying. :angry:

I will stop at Halfords next time I'm passing and let you know if it works for me.
managed to get there late on today so i've bought it - this is what it looks like:

i'm going to give it a try tomorrow :nice:

Halfords Silcone Lubricant 400ml from Halfords Price £3.99
Fingers crossed it does the trick. Having said that, it's so wet up here today that I couldn't hear any squeaks over the noise of the rain/hail thundering against the roof. Not an ideal day to have a topless car. :frown:
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