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Thanks for chiming in, didn't realise I hadn't followed up on this thread. I had to take it into the workshop, who thankfully had the correct windscreen. They did ask me if I wanted to have the chip repaired, which would have reduced but not totally eliminated it. Was worried leasing company would be silly about it, so I just told them to go ahead and replace the whole thing. Was a shame that I had to travel quite some distance to somewhere that could do the work though, instead of using the mobile service that come to you.

Shame that I need hand back this car later this year and I want to try a different car to see how they weigh up against each other.
go have a look at honda range honestly think prob best out there at moment, build is just spot on,, and the engines are as close to hand made as you can get for a production car,, i have crv in the other day been driven 4 miles with no oil pressure after oil pump chain failure do to hole in sump,,, pulled engine apart and had only damaged the cheap replaceable bearing caps and a turbo cartridge ,, bear in mind this had done 168000 miles and owner admitted he just drives hard and never missed a beat just services,,,, and new clutch around 100k it runs perfectly still, if that was other car it would of been game over on the engine for sure,,
trouble with all the euro car makers is this sharing engines and gearboxes etc,, nissan use renault, mini use PSA Mitsubishi use vag and psa engines ,,, honda are only company for run of mill cars that produce and use own tech etc,
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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