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I did this myself, haven't had snow yet (well there was a small storm earlier this month but I only got the snows mounted this week).

  1. Check these boards and NAM as well. Lots of advice and discussion that helped me.
  2. Check the FAQs...there's a good list of wheel sizes and poll of who's running which tire.
  3. Check eBay for some alloys. I got a set of R81s (15" MINI) for a decent price.
  4. I went with Nokian Hakkepelittas from; I got Qs for a good price. BTW, I went with 185s, you should run a narrower snow as it "cuts" thru the snow easier.
I think I ended up paying about $200 more than the TireRack Blizzak/steelies pkg. In the past few days, I think people have had their TR pkgs delayed as well so be aware of that.

I definately noticed a difference in handling tho'. The ride is softer than my 17" w/ RFs. But, cornering at the edge is "softer", taking an exit at 50mph the other day (one that I can normally do easily) the car felt like it was going to lose grip -- the DSC light wasn't on but the car definately felt different. Obviously expected w/ the snows and all.
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