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Wiring diagram help please

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I have an on going issue with my 04 R50 I am looking for someone who can help by reading a wiring diagram. My problem is that the engine temperature gauge goes to maximum assoonas the ignition is switched on, I have changed the thermostat, changed the Rad cap, changed the sensor in the head, yet it still goes straight up. I have ruled out problems with it actually over heating....i have removed the plug from the sensor and it still goes straight to max. As I see it the problem may be a wire going to ground or one or more of the relays has failed. I need to know what colour wires come from the sensor and the route they take to get there....I need to identify which relays to look at, I have tested the top 4 in the engine compartment fuze box need looking at....
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the devil and the deep blue sea ,,, best case its a wire rubbed through and have a positive to earth fault with that line from the dme worst case is the dme ie ecu is faulty cheapest way to fix ecu issue if it is , is to buy a ecu and key and bcm kit off ebay link below for a idea
main dealer will ask £700 for ecu plus programming extra £200 plus a £190 for diagnostics,
another way is to find a ecu have it cloned £250 ish with ecu,
if engine harness link below
the coolant temp sensor is run via engine ecu is switch earthed via ecu
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