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This is a run that a hardy few of us did earlier this year with Wirral Minis, oh and it was FREEZING! Remember to pack your long-johns!

We managed to raise a whole six MINIs for the 2004 run, so we're planning to get a larger group together for the 2005 in the middle of January.

The sight of 140 Minis/MINIs parked up on the prom is quite a sight......and last year the run made the local paper too!

All the details for the run can be found on Wirral Minis website:

See post number 19 for full details......

The plan is for MINI2 to register as a group for this run, rather than register individually.....although if you want a commemorative plate let me know and I'll get it arranged for you.

Please register your interest below and I'll maintain a list of peeps who are interested on this first post.


Mendel Williams


Mr 120d Sport
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Carlos / Mendel,

I'll add your names to the first post.......last year this run started at the Quality Hotel in Little Sutton on the Wirral. But as of yet, WM have not released the start point. Once I'm in the know, I'll update the first post again.

BTW welcome to MINI2....:D :D :D :D


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Run Details

As this run has outgrown the Quality Hotel, the run this year will be starting from Bromborough Retail Park, Bromborough (Just of the A41).
The aim is to leave at 10:00 so please arrive at 09:30 at the latest.

Tea, Coffee and toilet facilities will be available in Fitness First on the retail park, you will be required to show a pass for entry, which will be handed to you on the day.

Once again this year we will be driving to the summit of the Great Orme and it will be COLD, so wrap up warm!!
As the road to the summit is 2 way (Although there won’t be much chance of anything getting down whilst we are going up!!) please be aware that there may be cars coming in the opposite direction!
We have been told that the speed bump at the bottom of the Orme will NOT be in place during our run.

Unfortunately this year for each car there will be charge £1.00 for entry to the Orme (Normal charge is £2.00) as this year we were unable to get free entry.

There will be a stop at Rhos-on-Sea to allow any stragglers to catch up and we will then proceed on and up the Great Orme, stop at the summit for a while to take photos and pay a visit to the loos. We will then go back down the way we came up and then continue around the Orme and finally onto the Promenade.

When driving on and off the Promenade we are governed by the council’s Health and Safety Policy and there is a maximum speed limit of 5mph and if fitted, Hazard Warning lights must be on.
There will be a marshal to guide you on to the prom but when leaving, please ensure that you adhere to the 5mph speed limit and you have your hazard warning lights on. There must be no speeding or racing along the prom under any circumstances.
Once cars are parked on the prom there must be no movement unless leaving the event. The official end time of the event is 15:00

Please Note:
During the run there will be clearly marked marshal cars spaced at various intervals throughout the convoy. Unless directed to do so by a marshal, under no circumstances should you overtake a marshal car. This event is not a race and there will be a reason for the marshal slowing down their section.
As we will have to negotiate several sets of traffic lights before we reach the main dual carriage way, the lead car will be traveling at a SLOW pace, to begin with, to ensure that the rear of the convoy has caught up.
All marshal cars will be in contact with one and another and will set the speed of their section accordingly.

As this is not a sporting event, please drive carefully at all times, staying in convoy wherever possible, without obstructing other road users. If you get detached from the convoy please be patient and rejoin when safe to do so. Also be aware that some cars will need to pull into the convoy in order for them to leave the dual carriageway at various junctions.

All the relevant police forces have had to be notified of the event and I’m sure will be put and about checking up on us. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Any cars not conforming to Wirral Minis guidelines or road traffic laws will be noted and will be prevented from attending any Wirral Mini events in the future.

A route map will be handed to you on your arrival at Bromborough.

North Wales MINI2 will be meeting at the services at Junction 14 of the M56 (Helsby Services) at 08:30, we will then leave there at approx. 09:00 and travel in convoy to meet Wirral minis in Bromborough for 09:30.
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