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I would love to see an initiation date on threads. Too often, I have opened a thread thinking it was announcing something new, only to find that the thread was started a year or two ago... and it got pushed up on the "new posts" queue because someone found the old thing and posted in it.

I'm sure this is probably too hard or impossible to do, but as long as we are permitted to post our "wishes" for the site, this is mine.

And let me clarify -- I know I can look at the first post and find out when it was started. I'm talking about having an initiation date on the main thread listing (like what comes up when you search for all "new posts"). The date of the most recent post is listed, but not of the first post.

Thanks for listening.


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For example ...

Today ...

Wish list -- initiation date for threads

After the suggested change ...

Wish list -- initiation date for threads
Aug 8th, 2004 by AmRov
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