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Hi! I'm New to this forum and will try and see if I have any luck with posting here!

My car has a 1.6 diesel PSA engine. 143 000 km. First I have to say it has been - 27 celsius here a couple days here in Norway.

So I was trying to start the car and the engine turned over and almost started. After that its completely dead. The engine still turns over, but it will not ignite(?). After this we moved the car to a heated garage and filled it with 10 liters of warm diesel. This did not help.

Next I tried to measure the glow plugs in Ohm with negative on the battery and the positive on the tip of the glow plug.

The problem is that I were able to check only two of them, because the socket that sits on TOP of the glow plugs is almost impossible the disconnect (or I dont know how to do it). The two i got a Reading on measured 0.8 and 0.7 ohm. So,m nothing wrong with them.

I started thinkin about the egr valve. I change this fall 2018 because a problem with the smell of burnt diesel. This made the problem slowly dissapear. But the reason I started thinkin about the egr valve was because when i was trying to get to the glow plugs I had to dissasemble the intake pipe for the egr valve and this was all clogged up with carbon build up.

My questions are:

Can the new egr valve have been locked in a closed position, and can this make starting the car impossible?

Is it possible that the last two glow plugs I couldnt get to are not functioning? And can this make the car impossible to start?

Do you know any common reason that can make this engine impossible to start?

The car run was driven daily before this without any problems. Both long and short drives.

BTW: English is not my native LANGUAGE ?

if the egr valve is that clogged the particulate filter will be blocked with carbon in the exhaust link below for filter cartridge your lucky on that car as can change the lower part so cheaper to do , as for the non starting chances are its this but really need to scan it for fault codes see what its not doing lin below for best cheapest p-code reader diagnostics
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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