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Woo Hoo! (got my production number)

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I have a production number, Morris the Mini will be made in production week fourteen! Yay! That's sometime in April, I'm told :)

He's electric blue with the following lovely extras:
Multi function steering wheel
Elec Fold Exterior Mirros
Heated mirrors/washerjets
Chrome-line interior
Visability Pack
First aid kit + triangle
xenon headlights
manual air con
single cd player
radio boost
and a chili pack!

I can still make some changes before he's finalised so if there's anything vital i'm missing let me know, quick!

I'm so excited :D
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I'd say you're missing bonnet stripes, aero kit, S spoiler and R90's. Get on the phone.

But seriously that's a fairly tricked out mini on the driving/electronics side. Very nice.
Yay !!!

Congrats... and enjoy (soon)... :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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