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Although my warning lights havent come on to say my brakes need changing i am disappointed with the performance of them recently, the initial bite is very poor. even from around 40mph i am somtimes suprised how long it takes to stop. I dont drive like im in a race and dont use my brakes excessively.

my car has done around 18k (its a 55 One) I have been looking at various options, i was thinking of just fitting greestuff pads but i have read bad things about them, then i was wondering if i need to change the discs aswell. after a lot of looking i found this basic mintex set, i know it isnt designed for high performance but does anyone know if it would be an improvment?

Am i likely to need to change the discs at all and should i change the rears too?

BMW MINI COOPER MINTEX FRONT BRAKE DISCS AND PADS on eBay, also, BMW, Car Parts, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 12-Jul-08 22:13:54 BST)

Thanks in advance, Richard
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