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Wrong Shock?

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My R56 went in for a clutch repair. Anyway the monkeys who did the repair split the flexi between the cat and exhaust and they also busted my front drivers side shock absorber. They replaced the shock and after 300 miles I had loads of warning lights come on car sounds shocking. Took it to an AA approved garage and they called me and asked if I had, had any work done recently. I said I have why? They said was it a shock replacement I said yes. The garage is under the impression that either the wrong shock has been installed or it’s not been installed correctly and all the wheel bearings have been damaged.

I contacted the garage and he was less than happy to speak to me and told me I don’t know what I’m talking about and that you can’t fit a wrong shock and if it was installed correctly I wouldn’t have driven the 300 miles that I have.

The argument quickly moved on to me telling him I’ll be in touch with trading standards. Which I have done and I’ve written the letter they advised me to do giving the garage 5 days to respond.

The garage that looked at my car yesterday (they didn’t remove any parts etc visual inspection of suspension only) has said they are not prepared to touch the vehicle.

Any advice?
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Hi. I'd recommend looking into getting an independent technical report which can then be passed onto Trading Standards or for you to use in the small claims court to claim any compensation. This might help - Independent Technical Report Vehicle Assessment - Motor Ombudsman
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