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I did a search concerning this, but could only find threads referring to HID rather than Xenon gas bulbs.

I understand the MINI has an H7 Halogen gas bulb for the Hi-beams. I have DRL on my Cooper, and I also understand that the DRL puts a low current through this bulb.

My question is, is it possible to replace this Halogen bulb with an H7 Xenon gas bulb (like so many of the aftermarket HID-look-alikes)? I understand that the Xenon gas bulbs do not have a filament like the Halogen bulbs, so will the lower current create the arc neccessary for the Xenon gas bulb? Further, I understand many of these Xenon bulbs find a way to bump up the current in order to burn brighter. I have been sure to purchase 55 watt bulbs rather than run the risk of melting a harness or blowing a fuse with the high watt bulbs, but I'm still curious if the Xenon and the low current will play nice together.

P.S. This is my first post here at MINI2, though I've been trolling these boards for the goldmine of information here. Thanks in advance...
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