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Hi all.

I've found a lot of conflicting info online about the adjustment of R50 headlights, not least because of the differences between halogen and xenon and pre and post facelift models.

I have brought my UK mini to Spain permanently (no advice on the sanity of this decision please ;)) and need to adjust my headlights for the car's first MOT/ITV.

The lights are Xenon and as far as I can see, the little silver lever found on later models isn't available. I have read that this was added at from the facelift onwards (July 2004). My car was made in April and is pre facelift.

So I have a choice

(1) use the screws on the back of the units to adjust the beam horizontally. I don't intend to touch the up/down screw as I know the unit has a self-levelling motor.

(2) Buy replacement xenons that are described as being made for European traffic. At £500 a piece new I'll be going to a breakers/desguace.

(3) Buy new halogen units (with a motor for self-levelling) and fit them. Tie up the old washer hose for the xenon units and empty the reservoir to stop random injection of water into the engine bay.

So my questions to you guys are (A) has anyone done option number 1 and/or can it be done? I know there are different part numbers for UK and EU lights; will I find I can'tadjust enough with the screws on the units? (B) has anyone done option number 3 and/or can it be done?

Thank you and apologies if I've made a faux pas; it's my first post.
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