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Xenon Headlight Auto-Levelling malfunction

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Hi guys,

I have an 18 month old mini cooper S with 3 year TLC pack cover. Recently I have noticed that the auto-headlight levellers are malfunctioning. When the lights are turned on they level much higher than they should. Its blinding other road users and causing them to get quite annoyed. As they are Xenon's there are no manual levelling controls. Tyre pressures etc.. are all normal.

Is this a minor repair and will it be covered by my TLC pack??? The car is unmodified.

Appreciate any help.

Sorry if this post is a repeat, I did a search and did not notice any other posts with the same problem, although I did notice a post saying headlight levelling problems are common on the mini.

John Cook
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I had this problem on my 03 MCS -along with many other people on this board. I think the most common problem is a "loose" connection to the control module. I took it to dealer and they fixed it in 10 min. Someone else may describe where this connection is and how to re-attach things. Here is what someone wrote in reply when I had the problem "Check that the levelization mechanisms on the right front and left rear are still in one piece and connected up".

In some cases, the problem is the control module itself, which needs to be replaced. Oh, I dont know anything about the TLC package, sorry :(
Good luck!
It wont be covered under your TLC pack I don't think but should be under your warranty :)
Thanks guys, will give the dealer a ring and see what they can do.

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