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Xenons stopped leveling...

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Just to add another piece to my ever growing problems with my 03 MCS, tonight I discovered that my Xenons stopped leveling themselves... I knew something was wrong when I drove back home tonight; only 3 feet away from the car was lighted and you could see clear lines of the both lights (different from before). Then, when I reached home, I found a wall, parked in front of it, turned the lights off, waited 1-2 minutes and turned them back on... Nothing happened. The edge of the light used to go up very dramatically. Tried it again 5-10 minutes later, still the same :mad:

Another trip to the dealer. For the last 6 months or so, I have started making appointments while picking up my car from the dealer (knowing that I will be back for something else, or with the same problem that dealer was not able to fix, next week). Actually, during my last visit, one of the MAs told me this: "You are practically living here Volkan, what's going on buddy?". So, that should tell you enough.... Sorry for the rant; just little bit overwhelmed with the addition of the Xenon problems while still trying to sort out the clutch issue :(

If you experienced a similar problem with your Xenons, I would appreciate if you could let me know what the problem was (unit itself, controller, etc).

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I has this problem on my last Cooper. Control unit fixed it.
I think that the headlights are leveled by stepper motors in each unit. The control unit doesn't know how high the headlights are, so it moves them into the end stops every time the ignition is turned on.

If neither headlight is moving, it's likely to be the control unit.
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