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staceybassoon said:
Hi whoever drives the freakin awesome yellow MINI :yellow: in Royal Oak. I was behind you today on Woodward admiring you. I almost went through some red lights to keep up with you just so I could check your car out more. Obviously I dont' drive a MINI myself...... :( Still plugging away with my ugly Corsica. So if you ever see a dark green Corsica with a "I love playing my bassoon" vanity plate, you can know I'm taking notice to you!


Darn that whole wedding planning putting a hold on my MINI..... :rolleyes:

THIS :red: THIS :indi: or THIS :green: ..... unfortunately lots of time to decide...

Hahaha...yeah, the Royal Oak/Troy area gets a lot of nice cars floating around, including MINIs. My best bud lives in Clawson so you'll probably end up seeing me soon too! Black on Black!!! Honk if you see me in December and I'll look for your vanity plate!!! (BTW, I'm a teacher too!!!) :cool:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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