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Hello Everyone,

It seems as tho lately the site has been a tad slow along with some other issues. So i am starting this thread to see what the members would like to see from the site. Along with any other complaints you may have about the site.

Want to see a new skin?
how about some new plug in's ?
Or even a new section?

Let us know, lets all take part in this community and what it can have to offer.

Your Admin
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I would agree the MINI2 site seems run rather slow when compared with other Mini forums.

I would like to see a new section added for the MINI Coupe now on sale and perhaps the full MINI range featured in new updated graphics for the page header bar/logo. Squeeze in a classic Mini to represent the 50+ years of the Mini brands iconic heritage! :)
ie. Classic Mini, MINI Hatch Mk1/2, Convertible, Clubman, Countryman and Coupe.

Move the Classic Mini section up into the main forum area not hidden away way down and mixed in the off topic 'other autos' section. We should be proud of the classic heritage and many new MINI owners are interested to learn more, while some (young & old!) own/owned a classic in the past.

Keep past posts visible for longer in some of the lesser used sections such as Mini CVT and Minis in Motorsport/Media, etc. At first glance they look empty yet many topics are still of current interest.

Move 'DIY How to' section from 'off topic' up where members can actually notice it to post their own photo guides/write ups for many of the maintenance and modification jobs which frequently get asked by new owners (but then get mixed in and lost with other everyday more general topic posts). The Mini2 FAQ & DIY section up top also gets missed by many and has got frozen in time rarely updated?
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I guarantee someone will mention Tapatalk pretty sharpish, so might be best to explain the situation there before the question comes up. :)
We have the AutoGuide app on this site, we worked with tapatalk to create our app, and it is priced accordingly with tapatalk. We went this route so that we could deal with service complaints and such through our own company.
Just one more to add - perhaps more of an in depth overview of the DIY section for the Gen 2 MINI's?
Just one more to add - perhaps more of an in depth overview of the DIY section for the Gen 2 MINI's?
We are hoping to re-structure the forums. so this is a good idea
I know you don't support Tapatalk but can the swipe to "mark read" be added to the auto guide app?
How about not dismissing, then disrespectfully censoring long-time contributors and enthusiasts such as poor MINIAC?! You get rid of his admin rights when he's unable to be online due to personal matters, which was bad enough, but then you remove his "good bye" thread too?! Talk about a slap in the face for MINIAC after ten years of tireless, amazing contributions to MINI2.
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The whole Title of the thread is wrong !!

As paul pointed out MINI is spelt wrong.

Then the word 'Your' is used.

My experience over the last 3 years is the 'Your' on here means the voice / decissions of a few business suits who not give a hoot about us and the MINI community.

They did it to most of the mods 2 1/2 years ago, they did it to Paul a few months ago and now they have done it to Ron.

They never listen and thus will never learn !!

And now we have a sticky asking for new members of the mod team !!!
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Being's that the site is far more aware of the traffic and activity. Better at comprising a flowchart if anything of activity.
They should do some color coding of each thread and as progressive colors change as the thread gets older. Lets people know who respond if it is REALLY worth responding
too. At that point.
Like blue titled thread would a month old and progressive until the thread is orange or something. That way not only do the people who respond know if it is still in the low earth orbit or if the post is on its way to pluto. And the one's that post it; will have the oppertunity to post a new thread due to the fact they can better see that the post is out of range.
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