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Your opinions plese

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Hi, I've taken off the supercgarger after 120k miles and was pleasently surprised on how much oil came out both sides and also it's colour, not much darker than new. Hopefully the condition is indicative of the rest of the engine- car had one previous owner (my mum, who as an older lady driver never ragged it).

What else do you think I should be doing whilst under the hood- timing chain guide replacement, crank pulley, Or just button it up and get it back on the road?
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If it’s that good I’d leave it alone.
If it’s that good I’d leave it alone.
Cheers k3fud- I’m leaning that way too. I did replace sump gasket and crank position centre o ring, with a new belt ready to go in on reassembly - but if there are no preventative measure people would recommend I’ll stick her back together- just waiting on a radiator hose that somehow had a massive gouge in/ would have been an imminent failure if not spotted.
While you are in that area of the engine I recommend reducing the pully size. I got a 17 percent reduced one made by Alta and all is quite nice.
Thanks for the post, currently keeping everything bone stock. Gonna keep this for a long time, plenty of opportunity to hop it in the future. I’m currently getting it all back in shape- Engine seems ok so far but suspension was shot to hell, it’s been running on runflats for 110k! Gotta prioratise spending and the current pulley is a.ok so it’s staying put for the moment👍
have seen many melted down after leaning out due to high boost level to fuel ratio should really to do it right map the conversion in and set the fuel ratio's where they need to be to prevent detention problems even more so in hot country's or hot running engines, mini state 100k change the oil in the SS as its get a right hammering and over time will break down its properties and not lubricate as well
Thank you for you input Mike, it reaffirms my keep it bone stock philosophy I’m following for the time being. One day the crank is coming out to be balanced and then it’s getting the kitchen sink thrown at it... until that day it’s essential maintenance, replacing knackered parts and refurbishing the repairable ones.

So with the oil changed on the supercharger and orings, leaky sump gasket and rusty hose clamps replaced it’s going back together as is.

Just one question to anyone who knows- when inserting vacuum pipes back into their respective holes (the ones with red collars that you press down on when taking the tubes out) do you again press down on the red collar to reinsert the pipe. They seem brittle and I don’t want to force ‘em.

thanks again for all your replies
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